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01HEMEI is focusing on spontaneous
hot products for 10 years

and our research and development team
have won more than 10 national patents
and become the representative ofthe national
science and technology brand, our company
is benchmarking enterprises in China's
adhesive warmer industry.

03HEMEI warmer derives
from the natural mineral powder,

vermiculite, activated carbon, inorganic
salts, etc.,

it is non-toxic, no side effects,
low carbon environmental protection.

We believe good products stand the test of market!

02HEMEI is equipped with advanced spont
-aneous heat temperature control technology

which it makes us become the world's spontaneous heat
products production base; owing to the high quality and
good performance of product, we provide medical warm hot
compress physical therapy to China's hospitals for many years.

04HEMEI equips with independent storage

we can freely provide convenient zero cost storage
and value-added services to customers.

Qingdao Hemei industry co., LTD. ,
    which is specializing in producing various
warmer including portable warmer, feet warmer,
body warmer, hand warmer, heating pad and
OEM of all kinds of warmer, it is also one
of the earliest companies which is engaged
in the development of the disposable heating
supplies in China MainlandAt present, our
company has 16 advanced.......

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good quality raw material——good quality raw materialgood quality

raw material Hemei warmers have unique...

we care detailsgood quality raw material

Hemei warmers have unique thermal reactor and micro

control membrane technology

guaranteed design with certificates

We adopt green medical glue...

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