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PRODUCTS>>Big Hand Warmer

Big Hand Warmer ( Multi Warmers)
Hand Warmers, Big Hand Warmers, Hand Warmer Gloves, Air Activated, Warmer Hands, Hot Hands.
Size: 130x100mm       
Net weight :  70g±5g   
Packing   : 240pieces/carton                                    
Heating Last: 20~24hours
Average Temp: 52C
Max Temp: 62C
Country of origin: China                            
Material: Iron Powder, Water, Vermiculite, Activated Carbon and Salt.etc
Suitable for skiers, hunters, fishermen, golfers, or people who work or play in the cold for long hours.
1.Open the outer package and expose the pack to air,
2.Little shake, it will be heating within several minutes, put in your pocket, then you can touch it when your hand need warm, and heating for 8hours
3. Dispose of used pouch with regular garbage, it’s natural ingredients are environmentally safe.
Shelf Life: 3years
Storage: Keep in dry, cool place and avoid direct sunlight

All natural ingredients
Air Activated
No batteries, no microwaves, no fuels