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The common problems of warmer

  1. Q:Why does the warmer cure arthritis and syndrome of stomach cold, what is it principles?

A: Arthritis, cervical pain, frozen shoulder arthritis and other diseases, from the pathological reasons, they are the result of local micro-circulation block. The main functions of warmer are to promote the body's local micro-circulatory system which is operating normally, thus eliminating the various micro-circulation block to the human body harm in order to achieve the purpose of cure.

2, Q: Which season does the warmer to be used?
A: The effect of warmer is not affected by the season. Relatively speaking, autumn and winter demand than other seasons.

3, Q: What are main feature of warmer?
A: Sum up is as follows:
Carry to everywhere, it is hot when it was just pasted, a moment effective.

4, Q: I am often cold limbs, how should I use warmer?
A: If you are cold limbs, you can simultaneously use warmer in the shoulders and knees parts, if you can adhere to 30 days, you will receive a cure effect.

  1. Q: In the winter, how I use warmer?

A: You can use the "shoes with a hot", or posted on the shoulders, belly, etc.

6, Q: In the winter, I post on the inside of the underwear, why I don’t sometimes feel hot?
A: The quality of warmer is completely reliable, there is no hot case. As you said the situation may be exist, warmer is attached to the inside of the underwear, if the underwear and outside the clothing is very strict, then the reaction is stopped due to lack of oxygen, so you do not feel hot. You only need to post on the outside of the underwear.

7, Q: In autumn and winter , how to use warmer when wearing skirts?
A: You can be posted in the lower abdomen or lower back. If you wear a skirt, you can paste in the knees.

8, Q: When to use warmer to make the best use?
A: When you get up every morning, you can post new warmer, and so it can be repeated. Sleep time is not recommended. When necessary, you can always use.

9, Q: In winter, can I bring warmer and less clothes when I do a business trip?
A: Yes. You can take a few pieces of clothes. In Japan and Europe and the United States, they do.

10, Q: Can my child use warmer at school in winter?
A: Certainly. Most of our country's classrooms are lack of warm facilities, the children inside is really cold enough, with a warmer is definite good way.