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The common sense of warmer


1. Why the warmer will be hot?
A: If the iron will be placed in the air for a period of time, it will be rusted, that is iron acidification in our daily life. Iron acid reaction contacts with air, the acidification of ferric oxide chemical reaction will produce heat, this principle is to be used in a warmer. In daily life, when the iron rust will also produce heat, but the acidification process is slower, so I do not feel hot.
2. Can rubbing warmer speed up the heating rate?
A: The warmer uses non-breathable non-woven, taking into account the air can not penetrate, so in the out layer of warmer opens the pores. When using the warmer, if we rub the warmer, it will lead to plug the pores, so it can’t produce heat. Warmer does not speed up the heating rate. Remove from the outer bag, as long as a we do little shaking, it can produce heat.
3. If we use warmer to be posted, can we rub?
A: The paste-type warmer use special non-woven to prevent the penetration , if we rub them, they will cause concentrated in the side of warmer, it will produce heat, it is recommended not to rub warmer.