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The principle and function of warmer


Warmer is a flaky patches, which is made of the raw material, the gelatin layer, non-woven bags, raw material layer is on non-woven bag, gelatin layer is used to make the warm stick adhesive on clothes. Raw material layer is composed of iron, stone, activated carbon, inorganic salt, water and other synthetic polymers, they can occur exothermic reaction under the action of oxygen in the air. The characteristics of non-woven bag is not uniform and has good air permeability. Gelatin layer chooses Japanese unique high quality pressure sensitive adhesive coating, it is not soiled clothes.
1, The raw material layer of warmer can be under the action of oxygen in the air for 12 to 20 hours, and it continuously release heat, and the reaction process begins with a turn on the vacuum packing.
2, Each parts of the body has local microcirculation system, the parts of the body is put into nutrition and discharged waste. Theory of traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes the "open is comfortable, the pain is not open", meaning that when the body is often affected by cold, local microcirculation system will be blocked, it can make the body corresponding neither to nutrition, and it is unable to discharge the waste, it can produce pain, resulting in pathological changes. And the warmer posted continually exothermic, which can promote body circulation into virtuous cycle, restore normal physiological function and eliminate pain, the disease will be cured.

  1. Warmer will instantly heat, it is widely applicable to all kinds of symptoms caused by cold factors, such as swelling, pain, promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis. Meanwhile, it quickly relieve and eliminate the pain caused by different kinds of chills disease, arthritis, periarthritis of shoulder, waist and leg pain, rheumatism, rheumatoid disease, cold limbs and diseases in cold pain, patients with diseases such as analgesic out-of-the-box type product.

2. Warmer can promote the human body microcirculation, for hands, feet frostbite, muscle injuries, fractures, it also has the good function of acetanilide detumescence.

  1. Warmer can promote the channels and collaterals, hot compress is made related points to eliminate the symptom such as cold stomach discomfort, menstrual blood impassability.
  2. Warmer can replace the thick cotton-padded jacket to provide human body heat in winter.