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Product efficacy

■ Fend off the cold and keep warm: in the cold winter, warmer can prevent frostbite or cold, and it has a good effects
■ Promote microcirculation: as for muscle damage, the frostbite of hands and feet, the pain of waist, shoulder, stomach, legs and joint, they all can be relieved by warmer
■ Dredge meridian: hot compress the related points, prevent cold and scatter stasis, invigorate the circulation of blood
Prevent disease such as rheumatism: warmer can rapidly relieve pain caused by different kinds of chills diseases, such as arthritis, periarthritis of shoulder, waist and leg pain, cold limbs, rheumatism, etc
Method of use
Tear outer packing bag of warmer along the mouth, peel off the back protective paper, stick on the outer edge of the underwear. Warmer can be put in the body's shoulder, back, waist, stomach and related joints.
  1. The children and low thermal sensitivity skin, they should pay attention to warmer when using, pregnant woman can allow to use.
  2. Stick to the outer edge of the underwear, do not stick directly on the human skin warmer handbags with the exception of type (not applicable).
  3. We should not be used warmer to prevent cryogenic burns when sleeping.
  4. Avoid vacuum plastic damage or destruction, otherwise the product will be failure.
  5. Please do not entrance, after eating to rinse immediately and go to see a doctor.
  6. Do not use in clothing which is easy to damage by paste agent.
  7. To prevent damage to clothes, please slowly stripping when take on our product.