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How to avoid low temperature burns


You must be very surprised how can a little warmer to burn you? But the positioning of the scald on medicine depends not only on the contact temperature, but also associated with the length of time of contact with the heat. In general, 44 degrees Celsius hot water more than six hours in the human body skin contact will lead to low temperature burns. Warm baby thermogenesis in more than 50 degrees, it certainly has great may cause burns. So how to avoid the risk of low temperature scald? Actually it is very simple, when put warmer must not direct contact with the skin, and it can not close to the body.Try not to stick the warmer to sleep, because sleep time is long and your turns press warmer, it will make the skin excessive heat and increase the risk of burns. Pay attention to these, it actually can avoid scald, do you learn to safely use warms?