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How to distinguish warmer quality?


As enhancement of living standard, the disposable heating products are widely applied to people's life, at present, there are already many such products in the market, this product name is not very standard, the name is what all have, some called warmer, heater pads, warmer body, one-time bosom furnace, etc. This product has many name, under the name of the product is the same, but the quality is uneven, in order to the interests of the consumers, for everybody's health, and our warm hereby provideshere some  ways to distinguish inferior product:
Warmer with good quality:
1, look from the outer packing color bright, without noise, fine workmanship!
2, from the inner bag of the surface: the bag is clean, no smell, non-woven calm!
3, from experience: not drop after fever, after internal form lumps!
Substandard goods warmer: the bag is not clean, uneven heating and contents.