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Matters needing attention about preventing cryogenic burns

  1. The warmer is not allowed use at bedtime;
  2. The warmer is not allowed use in sleep, bedding and near heaters;
  3. The warmer should avoid use in the same position for a long time, and we should pay attention to confirm the skin condition, if it happens abnormal cases, please immediately remove the warm baby;
  4. The children and the insensitive to temperature change, please pay attention to when using warmer;
  5. Warmer is without rubbing before use it;
  6. Warmer shouldn’t use in these position which they easy to appear damage of clothing (long hair clothes, etc.) or advanced dress;
  7. To prevent damage to the clothes, please slowly stripping off warmer;
  8. Warmer was used or you want to tear off heavy stick, you should not pull the non-woven fabrics;
  9. Warmer is only for external use, please do not enter mouth.